Disperse Rubine S-2GL

Disperse Rubine S-2GL


Textile Dyestuffs 

C.I.Disperse Red 167

Molecular StructureSingle azo class

C.I.Disperse Red 167,C.I. 11338,CAS 61968-52-3/26850-12-4,C23H26ClN5O7,519.93,Disperse Rubine 2GFL,Disperse Rubine H-2GFL,Disperse Rubine S-2GFL,Disperse Rubine S-2GFLR,Disperse Rubine S-5BL




Disperse Rubine 2GFL

Disperse Rubine H-2GFL

Disperse Rubine S-2GFL

Disperse Rubine S-2GFLR

Disperse Rubine S-5BL

Molecular Formula: C23H26ClN5O7

Molecular Weight: 519.93

CAS Registry Number: 61968-52-3/26850-12-4


Manufacturing Methods : 2-Chloro-4-nitrobenzenamine diazo, and 3-Propanoylamino-N,N-bis(2-acetoxyethyl)benzenamine coupling.


Properties and Applications: Blu-ray is red. Deep red powder. Dye bath of copper, iron ion in light of the impact is not big. Dyeing appropriate pH value for 4 ~ 5. The dye is suitable for high temperature and high pressure dyeing method, dye when light color levelness poor; Carrier dyeing method performance is poor; Use hot melt temperature dyeing method to more than 200 ℃. Dye three vinegar fiber, colored light than a little yellow polyester, dye two vinegar fiber with colored light when polyester similar, but the dyeing rate is low, not suitable for dyeing acrylic, can be in polyester direct printing, can also be polyester/cotton the discharge of, shallow background, can’t and the active dyes containing alkali agent with plasma printing.

Standard Ironing Fastness Light Fastness Persperation Fastness Washing Fastness
Fading Stain Fading Stain Fading Stain
ISO 5 5 7-8 5 5 5 5


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