Disperse Blue E-2BL

Disperse Blue E-2BL


Textile Dyestuffs

C.I.Disperse Blue 56

Molecular Structure: anthraquinones

C.I.Disperse Blue 56,C.I.63285,CAS 12217-79-7,C15H13BrN2O4,365.18,Disperse Blue 2BLN,Disperse Blue E-BNL,Disperse Blue E-FBL,Disperse Brilliant Blue E-2BLN,Disperse Brilliant Blue E-4R ,Plastic Blue 503


Disperse Blue 2BLN

Disperse Blue E-BNL

Disperse Blue E-FBL

Disperse Brilliant Blue E-2BLN

Molecular Formula:C15H13BrN2O4

Molecular Weight: 365.18

CAS Registry Number: 12217-79-7

Manufacturing Methods : Anthracene-9,10-dione mercury sulfate, concentrated sulfuric acid sulfonation, with hydrochloric acid, chloride, sodium chlorate, with phenol, a phenoxy group of potassium hydroxide, and nitration, hydrolysis, reduction with sodium, bromide with bromine; dinitro anthraquinone with phenol, potassium phenoxy, nitration, hydrolysis, reduction, and bromide; dinitroanthraquinone with methanol and potassium hydroxide methoxy, nitration, hydrolysis, reduction, and bromide

Properties and Applications: bright blue. Dark blue powder. The strong sulfuric acid for green light yellowred blue for diluted. In dye bath of iron, copper ions in light of basic no effect. Dye bath appropriate pH value for 2 ~ 9, in dyeing and printing of its ability.This dye shade Brilliant Blue, widely used in the main color dye, the sun is good fastness. Suitable for high temperature and high pressure, the melt method and dyeing, hot melt temperature for low temperature type. In the vinegar on fiber dyeing, the dyeing rate is relatively slow, for the red light blue. The fiber dyeing levelness general, dye deep the gender is good, colored light for red light blue. Acrylic dyeing properties of the general. Can be used in vinegar fiber, polyamide, polyester fabric printing directly, cannot be printing the discharge impression.

Standard Ironing Fastness Light Fastness Persperation Fastness Washing Fastness
Fading Stain Fading Stain Fading Stain
ISO 4-5 3-4 7 5 4-5 4-5 3-4
AATCC 4-5 4-5 5-6 4-5 5 4-5 4-5




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