Black VSF

Black VSF


Textile Dyestuffs 

C.I.Direct Black 22

Molecular Structure: Multi-azo class

C.I.Direct Black 22,C.I.35435,CAS 6473-13-8,1083.97,C44H32N13Na3O11S3,Direct Black L-2BG,Direct Black VSF,Direct Fast Black GF,Direct Fast Black GGB,Direct Fast Black VSF,Direct Fast Black VSF 600,Solophenyl Black FGE

Direct Black L-2BG

Direct Black VSF

Direct Fast Black GF

Direct Fast Black GGB

Direct Fast Black VSF

Direct Fast Black VSF 600

Solophenyl Black FGE

Molecular Formula:C44H32N13Na3O11S3

Molecular Weight: 1083.97

CAS Registry Number: 6473-13-8

Manufacturing Methods :  5-Amino-2-(4-aminophenylamino)benzenesulfonic acid double nitriding, in alkaline conditions and 6-Amino-4-hydroxynaphthalene-2-sulfonic acid  (2 Moore) coupled, then double nitriding, and Benzene-1,3-diamine (2 Moore) coupled.

Properties and Applications:   green and black. Blue gray powder. Soluble in water for violet black. The strong sulfuric acid for violet black, dilute black light after brown precipitation; In nitric acid solution for the red light brown in, precipitation. The dye solution to join strong hydrochloric acid have brown light black precipitation; Add thick sodium hydroxide solution for dark blue light red. Mainly used for cotton, viscose, wool/stick,nylon/rayon blended fabric dyeing and printing, also used in leather and paper dyeing.

Standard Acid Resistance Alkali Resistance Light Fastness Soaping Water
Fading Stain Fading Stain
ISO 5 4 4 3   3  
AATCC 5 4-5 5-6 3   3  




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