ُSky Blue CV

ُSky Blue CV

Textile Dyestuffs 

C.I.Sulphur Blue 15


C.I.Sulphur Blue 15,C.I.53540,CAS 1327-69-1,Sulphur Blue CV,Sulphur Blue 3G,Sulphur Blue 7G








Sulphur Blue CV

Sulphur Blue 3G

Sulphur Blue 7G

CAS Registry Number:1327-69-1

Manufacturing Methods : 8-Amino-5-(4-hydroxyphenylamino)naphthalene-2-sulfonic acid and aqueous Sodium polysulfide heating, in 107 ~ 108 ℃ under reflux 2 4 hours, will be part of the precipitation in the Sodium sulfide of dye solution, blowing air redeposition. This indophenol is from 8-Amino-5-nitronaphthalene-2-sulfonic acid and where did 5-Aminonaphthalene-2-sulfonic acid and where did 4-Aminophenol with Sodium hypochlorite oxidation of mixture, then use Sodium sulfide reduction and have to.

Properties and Applications: green light blue. Blue gray powder. Slightly soluble in water, not soluble in alcohol and benzene, soluble in Sodium sulfide solution for olive. In concentrated sulfuric acid for dark blue, dark blue precipitation after dilution. Dyeing content in alkaline insurance powder for dark yellow, after oxidation can restore the original colour and lustre; In Sodium hypochlorite solution all fade, join concentrated sulfuric acid into dark blue. Mainly used for cotton, hemp, viscose fiber dyeing and printing.

Standard Acid Resistance Alkali Resistance Light Fastness Fulling Persperation Fastness Soaping
Moderate Severe
ISO 3-4 4 6 3-4 (Alkali)4-5 4 2
AATCC 5 4 5-6 3     3



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