Disperse Orange S-2R

Disperse Orange S-2R

Textile Dyestuffs 

C.I.Disperse Orange 30

Molecular Structure: Single azo class

C.I.Disperse Orange 30,C.I.11119,CAS 12223-23-3/5261-314,C19H17Cl2N5O4,450.27,Disperse Orange EC,Disperse OrangeS-2RFL,Disperse Orange S-4RL,Disperse OrangeS-ER,Disperse Orange 2RFL,Disperse Yellow BROWN 2RFL,Disperse Yellow BROWN H-2RL,Disperse Yellow BROWN S-2RFL,Disperse Yellow BROWN 2RFL S-2RL



Disperse Orange EC

Disperse OrangeS-2RFL

Disperse Orange S-4RL

Disperse OrangeS-ER

Disperse Orange 2RFL

Disperse Yellow BROWN 2RFL

Disperse Yellow BROWN H-2RL

Disperse Yellow BROWN S-2RFL

Disperse Yellow BROWN 2RFL S-2RL

Molecular Formula:C19H17Cl2N5O4

Molecular Weight: 450.27

CAS Registry Number: 12223-23-3/5261-314

Manufacturing Methods : 2,6-Dichioro-4-nitroaniline diazo, and 2-((2-Cyanoethyl)(phenyl)amino)ethyl acetate;N-(2-cyanoethyl)-N-(2-acetoxyethyl)benzeneamine coupling.

Properties and Applications: Orange. Brown powder. In dyeing copper and iron ion to the colored light have-will influence, dyeing appropriate pH value for 4 to 7. The dye sublimation and sun good fastness, suitable for color dyes as tricolor spell. In dyeing method of high temperature and high pressure, can spell in the dark, into. Dyeing, the size of the bath ratio of coloring rate is influential, dyeing vinegar fiber, color is yellow than polyester, polyamide fiber dyed the soaping fastness is poorer, dye acrylic dyeing rate when is low. Can make polyester and cotton/polyester direct printing and prevent the discharge printing to color.

Standard Ironing Fastness Light Fastness Persperation Fastness Washing Fastness
Fading Stain Fading Stain Fading Stain
AATCC   4-5 4-5     5 5
ISO     7 5 5 5 5



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