Disperse Scarlet SE-GS

Disperse Scarlet SE-GS

Textile Dyestuffs 

C.I.Disperse Red 153

Molecular Structure: Single azo class

C.I.Disperse Red 153,C.I. 111905,CAS 78564-87-1,C19H17Cl2N5S,418.34,Terasil Red 4GN,Terasil Red P-4GN,Disperse Scarlet G-S,Disperse Scarlet GSR,Disperse Scarlet SE-GS,Disperse Red G-S



Terasil Red 4GN

Terasil Red P-4GN

Disperse Scarlet G-S

Disperse Scarlet GSR

Disperse Scarlet SE-GS

Molecular Formula:C19H17Cl2N5S

Molecular Weight: 418.34

CAS Registry Number: 78564-87-1

Manufacturing Methods : 5,6-Dichlorobenzo[d]thiazol-2-amine diazo, and 3-(Ethyl(m-tolyl)amino)propanenitrile coupling.

Properties and Applications: Bright yellow light red. Deep red powder. Soluble in acetone, chloroform, DMF, show the bright red. Used for polyester, vinegar fiber, polyamide fiber dyeing, also can be used for polyester superfine fiber dyeing and printing. For temperature type of bright red dye, the dyeing performance and good fastness, polyester/cotton blended fabric to cotton dyeing fastness.

Standard Ironing Fastness Light Fastness Persperation Fastness Washing Fastness
Fading Stain Fading Stain Fading Stain
AATCC     6     5 5


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